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Insurance Information

Beverly Hills Neurology welcomes all patients to our practice. We are not 'closed' to anyone! Our patients appreciate that we are in networks with most health insurances. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions. Our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you by clarifying and alleviating any concerns prior to your visit.

We are out of network with several insurance companies and HMO organizations; however, an important factor to realize is that medical insurance is a contract between the patient and the insurance company. This contract concerns the financial responsibility to pay for medical services provided by a doctor or other medical facility. Remember, it is the patient's responsibility to confirm insurance coverage before lab work, an appointment, or any other medical procedure.

Our office staff will assist you by calling your insurance company to clarify these concerns prior to your visit. Many insurance companies provide various plans, some of which cover preventative care, including annual physicals. Furthermore, certain plans cover the annual physical with no deductible, even though a deductible may exist that applies to other services performed simultaneously with the physical. Thus, always be sure to ask if you have additional needs at your annual physical. Certain plans will fully pay for the clinical examination by a physician, but may apply a deductible for routine laboratory and radiology services. The best way to prevent surprises is to be well informed about your coverage prior to your appointment. Please note that payment is appreciated at the time our services are rendered.

Understanding Healthcare & Managed Care Terms

We realize that some of the words and phrases used in healthcare can be confusing. Therefore, we have provided a quick reference guide for your use.


The insurance company pays physicians or medical groups a certain amount each month for each patient.


The fixed amount of money the insured person pays each time he or she sees a doctor, gets a prescription, or has a medical service rendered. Co-payments are typical of HMO plans.


The percentage of the total fee the insured person pays each time he or she sees a doctor, gets a prescription, or has a medical service rendered. Co-insurance is typical of fee-for-service plans such as PPOs.


A term to describe the process of signing up with a managed care health plan.


Paying for medical services when they are provided or when a bill is received. Payment can be in cash or as an insurance reimbursement.

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Plan

A benefit plan in which you must choose a primary care physician. This physician must be signed up with that group and HMO for any care or the HMO will not pay for the care.

Independent Physician Association (IPA)

An organization in which private-practice physicians agree to work together to negotiate with insurance companies; however, each of these physicians run their own office.